Thursday, 8 November 2012

Many Changes And New Projects

     Hey, guys. Been a long time since I've updated you on here. But since my last post, many things are going on. For one, Dawn Productions has split. No I don't mean DP has shut down; I just mean it has split into three different channels. One Shot Pictures for Machinimas. New Day Gone for guitar covers and my own material, and DP will be kept for music videos. I don't feel like posting all the links so just look them up on youtube or get the link from OSP on facebook. So yea, DP will no longer be my primary channel. OSP will be. If anyone needs to contact me, your best shot is through that channel.
     The reason why I am switching my primary channel to OSP is because I am going to be moving all my concentration to machinima soon. I have a script lined up for a new machinima. One that will be quite long (at least 4 seasons). No description on what exactly it is about but I will tell you what it will have in it. UNSC, Insurrectionists, Spartans, Covenant (possibly Flood instead.) Big explosions, big emotional scenes, epicness to the max. Big ideas going on here. Right now, we are almost ready to begin production. All we are waiting on is the money to purchase a capture card. And we are also debating on whether or not to use Halo 4. When we originally thought up this series, we decided it was to be shot in Halo 3. Not Reach. Not getting into the reasons why we decided this so don't ask. But now that Halo 4 has been released, we were quite surprised on the fact you can be a Flood Combat Form in the multiplayer. We also love the equipment you get on Dominion. The things we don't like, are the fact that there is no UNSC aircraft in the multiplayer. Forge isn't anywhere near as great as Reach's. (except the shadow effect and the UNSC textures on the pieces. Ah AND the fact that there is NO Covenant in the multiplayer as well. We were quite disappointed on how 343i did not stop to think about machinima when they were working on this game. It would make things quite hard to keep interesting in this if we use Halo 4 instead of 3. But we still haven't made a decision yet, and we will let you know as soon as we do. :)
     Other projects I am working on is some more music videos. I have three planned. A Brother Bear music video (only soft one of the three, I promise). A Red Vs Blue music video (still waiting on the Season 10 DVD on TPB. And, of course, "The Walking Dead" music video. (gonna wait till season 3 is over and on DVD before I start on it, so it's gonna be a while). Unfortunatly, I have no guitar covers planned this month. So yea, many new things coming, and a lot of work to do; but you have plenty of things to see before we get the machinima going. I have already started on the Brother Bear music video so expect that to be posted on YouTube and our Facebook page as well.

Well, that's all for this one. Until next time.