Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Not Very Interesting Update...

     Hey guys, not very much to report here right now. I have been very lazy lately and have not really been working on anything. THe documentry video is not gonna be up for a very long time so yea. But I do have some exiting news for you guys. Some of you may have seen my Halo Legends: Origins- "My Last Breath" video. Do me a favor and look at the views. Thats right, 8,400 views! Way more than I thought. Now for most youtube video makers, you must know that is not a whole lot, but it is my most viewed video. Therefore, for giving my music video that many views, I am going to be making another Halo Legends Music video. I can do this easily, because my current one was focused only on Origins. This music video is focused on all episodes. I will try to make it as good as HLOMLB if not better!
     I have also recently viewed a movie currently in theatres. A movie I consider one of the best movies I have ever seen. "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes". If you have not seen this movie, get off your ass and go see it. Anyways, I am waiting anxiosly for it's release on DVD. Because once is comes out, I am going to be making a music video for it using "Waiting One" by All That Remains. Now I have attempted to release movie music videos before on youtube such as Walk The Line and Avatar. Maybe a week later, they're deleted. Bur I released Legend of the Guardians, and it is still up and running perfectly. So I am going to give it my all in this music video due to my love for that movie, and I promise you, it's gonna be EPIC! As soon as you hear its on DVD, keep an eye on my channel for it. When it's released, I recommend you watch it right then. I don't know how long it's gonna last on there.
      Other than those things, nothing really is going on here. I have been on minecraft quite a lot recently. I might release a video giving you guys a tour of my world. I'm still working on it right now, but once it's at least near completion, I will release it.
     Oh yeah, and another thing. I've released a FAQ on here. So stop sending me questions on youtube please unless it's not on here.
     One more thing. I've noticed how few subscribers I have, and it's making me depressed how low I am on youtube. If you like my video's, subscribe! Not that big a deal. But if you worked as hard as I do to give people these videos and only have 43 subs, you'd get a little unmotivated and put down too.
     Well thats all for this update. See you guys.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

New Stuff Coming Soon (hopefully)

Well, since I am very slowly beginning to get my computer running good again, I am going to try to make a video. I can't get started until I get some money coming my way to where I can get myself a video camera. Yes, that's right, a video camera. I am going to make a documentary-like video explaining what all goes on inside Dawn Productions. If everything goes as planned, i'll be working on a machinima at the time, and other things. I will be making myself very busy during that time. I have some voice acting parts I am doing for other people as well. At the moment, Dawn Productions only has one But hopefully soon, that is going to change. I know some people that live near me that are willing to do some work for me. If they do end up joining DP, they might be featured in the video. There are so many of these kinds of videos out there that are so boring in my opinion, I am going to try to make this one as interesting as possible. There is no release date at the moment. I haven't gotten started yet, and I need to get a video camera. I should be getting around $50 within the next few days. If I can spare some, I will get me a cheap one then.
Also, I am doing a live stream playthrough of all the Halo games with the director of TBE Clan Movies on August 18th. I will post a link both on here, and my youtube account. Well, that's all I have to post for now. Until next time.


Monday, 1 August 2011

We Shall Return!!! (In December)...

Well, my computer has fucked itself over big time and I can barely browse the web with it anymore. So therefore, I cannot work on anything at all. But there is some good news. My 18th birthday is coming up in Novenber (yay), and I am asking for nothing else but money. I am most likely going to get around $400. With that money, I am going to be repairing/upgrading a broken down Dell Inspiron 550. Once I get it fixed I find it safe to say that all the problems I have had this past year will be fixed! If I have any spare money from that, I will be purchasing a new HD capture card so I can get back to work on "Artifact" and everything else I have been working on. I am very exited to resume production on all of our machinimas. Unfortunatly, even though my birthday is in the beginning of November, I most likely am not going to be finsihed with everything until December, due to me losing some voice and body actors in this long hiatus. But I promise you, as soon as I have everything working again, post production will be immediate. :)
In the meantime, I have been getting as much stuff as possible. I have gotten a new flatscreen TV which I now use for both my xbox and PC. I am selling some items I do not need to purchase a new HDMI cable for my xbox, a webcam, wireless keyboard and mouse for my computer, and a new headset, due to my other one breaking...again.
So, as always, there is a lot going on in DawnProductions but none of it is making progress go any faster. But at least there's more good news in this post than usual, lol. But until between November and December, you will be seeing nothing from DP. No music videos, updates, machinimas, nothing....I blame you Emachines! >o<