Work With Us!

     Dawn Productions is currently looking for talented individuals who have experience among the line of animating, body acting, voice acting, and video editing. A description for each one is below. Please keep in mind that Dawn Productions is a non-profit organization. Therefore you will receive no amount of compensation for your work. But your name will be in the credits, and it might give you a chance to be famous on YouTube.

Animator: Probably the most challenging job available, but you will receive a lot of credit. I need someone who has experience with this. Not someone who just started and call themselves animators. You will be required to animate space battles, covenant, and UNSC ships, including pelicans and phantoms. The others are optional due to many animators not being able to do it. Character motion, and hand to hand combat. you must be able to pay absolute attention to given details, and have it done by a specific date. I will give you plenty of time to do your work, as I understand, animating takes time. You will be required to give a small animation to where I can see what you can do.

Body Acting: Where you control a character in a machinima. This is one of the most vital things a machinima needs, competent body actors. This position needs experienced body actors so if you have never body acted or have few times, this is not for you. You will need an xbox live membership. A year is recommendded. You will need to show me how well you are before you're accepted. If you are accepted, I will send you messages regarding shooting dates and times. You will need to be in my party at that exact time. No later or you will be removed permanently. This will require you to spend halo reach credits on certain types of armor that you don't have. You will need to be at least a Commander rank to body act. You must have a headset. Must have Halo Reach. Absolutely no quitting while in a shooting, You will be immediately removed, blocked, and given no credit. You must be able to listen to orders. If I tell you to mute your mic or go over there, or walk there, or shoot when I tell you to, you must do it or we will have to do it all again. You will have three strikes for not listening. third strike, you will be booted for that shooting.

Voice Acting: Where you voice a character in a machinima. This position needs experienced voice actors! If you want to voice act as a character, you will need a good quality headset, with a noise cancelling mic. Turtle Beaches or Logitech are preferred. If chosen for a part, you will be sent lines from the script by email. You will need to give me those lines by a specific date. Any later, they will not be accepted and I will search for a more punctual voice actor. If you want any parts, you will need to message me for a link.

(Video Editing coming soon!)

If you are interested in joining Dawn Productions' machinima team, please send me an email at

Thank you.