Sunday, 27 March 2011

Another Early Post

     Okay, the site design is finished and I will soon be adding pages with Episodes of "Artifact". I have added a page about Dawn Productions, which includes the software and hardware I use in my videos. Dawn Productions and TBE Clan Movies has begun production of the trailer for our short "The Extraction". I am not getting into the details, but this short will be stretching our abilities to the limit. We both agree that we are more exited about this short than we are of our own machininas! We did the shooting today and are currently editing it (which may take a while). But keep your eyes out for the trailer on the YouTube Channels of both Dawn Productions and TBE Clan Movies. I will also post it on this site when we are finished. And for god's sake, people, go to TBE Clan Movies' channel. They have all kinds of cool montages and are always looking for new members of their Xbox Live clan. They have some masking videos I did on there and will be helping me a lot in the future. If you wanna join a clan that concentrates on the fun side of gaming then message them on YouTube.
     I have fixed the problems I had with my software and I am ready to begin production of "Artifact: Episode Two". The official first shooting for it is on April 2nd. If any of you guys think you can voice act, message me at this link:

This is a voice acting forum I go to. Read it to find out the parts open and the requirements for them. And you must have a good quality mic. Don't send me things that I can barely hear because of how staticy it is or from all the feedback.
     But yea, the short will be in two parts. I cannot really say anything else without ruining the surprise for you guys, but lets say it will be something most machinimators never had in their machinimas. The trailer will be released sometime in this upcoming week, I hope. The actual machinima will be released after TBE's exiting first episode of their machinima series "Valkyrie Team" is out. I'll let you guys know.
    And now, I can hopefully keep myself from writing three pages worth of stuff every day. I will limit it to once, a week.


P.S. I someone send me a pack of cigarettes. I'll need some in the coming weeks.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Yes, I know, It's Early

     I know it's only been a couple of days since my las post and trust me, I will slow it to once a month eventually. But I just have some things to share.
     The update I told you guys about in the last poat is now on TBE Clan Productions' channel. It cannot go on mine, because it is too long. Check it out. It's kind of retarded, due to us not rehearsing it, and kinda didn't take it seriously, but it explains everything that is going on.
     Production of Episode Two of "Artifact" will start on April 2nd. I seriously need to start on the script, but I'm still working on the plot for it. I know, I kind of procrasinated up to this point, but give me a break, I'm still somewhat of a beginner at directing and producing, not to mention I must do all the voice acting parts my self (once again) and I must also do all of the filming, capturing, special effects rendering, compositing, writing, planning, organizing online shoots, acting out offline shoots. It's something you want to take a small break from, lol. Anyways, it WILL start on April 2nd, no matter what.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Site, New Name, And New Horizons

     As you know, this is the new site for DawnAscendance Productions. And I am just going to start right off with what's been going on since Episode One of "Artifact".
     First off, DawnAscendance Productions will, from now on, be known as Dawn Productions. I did this to shorten the name and allow fans to grasp a better understanding of it.
     Another thing, Dawn Productions has become partners with another YouTube machinimator channel TBE Clan Movies. I have been talking to the director for a while, and have been helping him out with some stuff for his upcoming machinima "Valkyrie Team". "Valkyrie Team" is due to be on YouTube within the next few weeks.
     Anyway, our new partnership is a result of similar ideas for machinimas, and the fact we can help each other out. I have been helping them with their machinima, and I must say, I am very exited to see their first episode. They have professional voice actors, an animator, a special effects artist and masker (me), and many other things. They have a great script, and the story just blew me away. Go to their channel to look for updates.
     We are also doing an update together officially announcing our partnership to the world and explaing whats going on with our machinimas.
     Now back to "Artifact". I have recently invested over $2000 in software for this machinima. I have things such as Adobe After Effects CS4, Action Movie Essentials 2, Designer Sound FX, and much more. I now know how to mask or matt. (creating armies out of only 16 players as Darknal does). And have most of the story planned out, and it is great.
     Episode Two should be out in early April, it depends on how well everything goes. But to give you guys a first look, Markus and Toby will be running back to NAMP HQ to inform Commander Harkus of everything. There will be a battle, and there will be a lot of death.
     Episode Three, will most likely not have any action in it. I want Episode Three to be more of the characters talking. To allow the viewer to connect and understand the characters and the story. Which also will begin to unfold in Episode Three.
     Episode Four will be when all the shit hits the fan. There will be a battle and the Covenant will begin to pose much more of a threat. Lets just say, Epsode Four will be full of all the stuff I've been holding out on.

     I am very exited to begin production of Episode Two, which will start first thing next month. "Artifact" will have a professional animator, masking, explosions, blood, people exploding and disenegrating, and much more awesome stuff.