Friday, 11 November 2011

Getting There...

     Hey guys, just giving a little update telling you the progress of getting back on track. As you know, I have gotten a new computer (which is the best news of all). I just got all the programs I need to start on it again. I am saving for a new and improved capture card to give you guys better quality video and less stress for me. (goddamn Dazzle). Anyways, I can't remember whether or not I told you guys in my previous post, but "Artifact", the machinima I was working on before everything went downhill has been scrubbed. Here are the reasons why: For one, I have only a year to release an entire series before Halo 4 is in stores. I don't want to have to be like Darknal and still be machinimating on an old game when everyone else is working with the new one. And second. I think the first episode really put me off the series. I did a horrid job with capturing the footage (once again, thank you Dazzle). The voices were bad, the fight scenes were not all that synchronized, and it skipped through at the end due to YouTube's time limit. So yeah.
     So until the release of Halo 4, to where I can do a new series, I am just going to be making shorts. Don't worry, they will still be pretty long, and some will be in two or three parts. And they will be good. I have gotten much better at what I do since EP1. Better software as well. I still have to work on a plot and script for my first short, so as I said before: I am not going to really start production on anything machinima related untill later this month or December. It depends when I sum up the money for the new capture card, shipping times, etc. Thats the last, and most important thing on my list. So I will get on it as soon as I can. I am greatly looking forward to starting again on machinimating, and bringing the stories that have been overcoming my mind over the past year to you guys.

See You Soon!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

We're Back Baby

    I just got a new Dell Inspiron Laptop with 350 GB Hard Drive, 4GB RAM, Intel Pentium 2.13 GHZ Dual Core Processor, and Windows 7 Home Premium. This computer is sexy, but thats not the only thing I'm going to talk about in this post. The biggest news is that with this computer, Dawn Productions is back! Hell yeah! This means I can get back to machinimating, music videos, and everything I love. Although, I probably won't be able to start back on machinimating until later this month or early next month. I still have to get all my programs back like After Effects, Soundbooth, Premiere Pro, and other programs I use.
     That brings me to my next thing: Artifact has been completly scrubbed. With the release of Halo 4 coming within a year, there is no way I can release a whole series within that time range. So until the release of Halo 4, I will not work on any machinima series' I have planned. Instead, I will start work on a few shorts to keep you guys entertained until Halo 4 is released. But remember, that I am starting all these shorts from scratch so I still have to write the script and plot, not to mention get some voice actors, so yeah, like I said, there will be nothing machinima related to be released until late November or December. But I will be releasing a few music videos within the next week or so. Possibly some guitar covers too! So I am VERY exited to start again on these machinimas I've had planned for a long time. See you guys soon!