Tuesday, 9 August 2011

New Stuff Coming Soon (hopefully)

Well, since I am very slowly beginning to get my computer running good again, I am going to try to make a video. I can't get started until I get some money coming my way to where I can get myself a video camera. Yes, that's right, a video camera. I am going to make a documentary-like video explaining what all goes on inside Dawn Productions. If everything goes as planned, i'll be working on a machinima at the time, and other things. I will be making myself very busy during that time. I have some voice acting parts I am doing for other people as well. At the moment, Dawn Productions only has one person...me. But hopefully soon, that is going to change. I know some people that live near me that are willing to do some work for me. If they do end up joining DP, they might be featured in the video. There are so many of these kinds of videos out there that are so boring in my opinion, I am going to try to make this one as interesting as possible. There is no release date at the moment. I haven't gotten started yet, and I need to get a video camera. I should be getting around $50 within the next few days. If I can spare some, I will get me a cheap one then.
Also, I am doing a live stream playthrough of all the Halo games with the director of TBE Clan Movies on August 18th. I will post a link both on here, and my youtube account. www.youtube.com/dawnascendance Well, that's all I have to post for now. Until next time.


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