Monday, 1 August 2011

We Shall Return!!! (In December)...

Well, my computer has fucked itself over big time and I can barely browse the web with it anymore. So therefore, I cannot work on anything at all. But there is some good news. My 18th birthday is coming up in Novenber (yay), and I am asking for nothing else but money. I am most likely going to get around $400. With that money, I am going to be repairing/upgrading a broken down Dell Inspiron 550. Once I get it fixed I find it safe to say that all the problems I have had this past year will be fixed! If I have any spare money from that, I will be purchasing a new HD capture card so I can get back to work on "Artifact" and everything else I have been working on. I am very exited to resume production on all of our machinimas. Unfortunatly, even though my birthday is in the beginning of November, I most likely am not going to be finsihed with everything until December, due to me losing some voice and body actors in this long hiatus. But I promise you, as soon as I have everything working again, post production will be immediate. :)
In the meantime, I have been getting as much stuff as possible. I have gotten a new flatscreen TV which I now use for both my xbox and PC. I am selling some items I do not need to purchase a new HDMI cable for my xbox, a webcam, wireless keyboard and mouse for my computer, and a new headset, due to my other one breaking...again.
So, as always, there is a lot going on in DawnProductions but none of it is making progress go any faster. But at least there's more good news in this post than usual, lol. But until between November and December, you will be seeing nothing from DP. No music videos, updates, machinimas, nothing....I blame you Emachines! >o<

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