Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Good and Bad News

     Well, my computer has completly failed with no hope for repair. So I have to use this one for the time being. But it has no editing software and no webcam software, so yeah. Anyways, I should be getting a new and improved computer early next month and I also have some news. With the release of Halo 4 getting more and more near, I have decided to scrub the Artifact machinima. I am sorry, guys, but knowing Halo, the maps and Spartans are going to be diffrent than Reach's. But I still have about a year before Halo 4's release so I do have many things planned.
     "Artifact"'s story is very good in my opinion, and I have become so attatched to it in the past year that I simply cannot completly abandon it without giving you guys a taste of what was never to be. So I have decided to put all of the big parts of the story in 2 diffrent parts. Just to where I can still tell you guys the story without taking forever to do so. I promise it's gonna be great. It'll be the very first project I get on. After that, I will be doing many shorts with TBE Clan Movies, and even more music videos and the blog show. But for this month, you willm see absolutly NOTHING from Dawn Productions. I know I've said that before, but I am serious this time. My computer will not even boot, so I disconnected it and stuffed it into a corner. It will pry never work again. But as soon as I get my new computer, i'm going to be releasing a video of me and a friend smashing my old one. It will be liberating, lol. It has given me so many problems. But I assure you we will do it.
     Anyways, I pry won't be posting and/or doing anything that pertains to videos and blog posts until next month. But I am greatly looking forward to gettingback to work on everything I promised you guys. Well I'm off. See you guys next month!

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