Friday, 9 December 2011

Hallo Dere!

    Haha hey guys. DawnAscendance here. Just giving you guys a little update on whats going on and why I haven't released any videos lately. Someone broke the cover on my laptop, and I was forced to ship it off to get it repaired. That was sometime last week. I was supposed to get it back today, but no one has called. I should be getting it back very soon. As soon as I do, I have a couple of music videos and guitar covers in mind. Machinima might not be able to get off it's feet for another couple of weeks, possibly a month. I haven't been getting much money in my paychecks lately and I still have to get that Blackmagic capture card before I do anything. On top of that I still have to get the plot and script all together and stuff like that, and I can't do that until I get my laptop back, so everything is at a halt. Bus as soon as I get a laptop, I will begin on all the writing. And I should be getting that capture card soon. OH and on top of that, my Reach disc cracked FOR THE SECOND TIME! And that means $40 extra bucks :'(. Anyways thats it for this update cya guys!


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