Monday, 2 January 2012

Gamma Company Premiere Trailer Released!

For years, we have been fighting a losing battle against a genocidal alien race known as The Covenant. They have burned our worlds, butchered our people, and left us standing on the edge of extinction.
But in secret; we have been creating a weapon to turn the tide of this war: Spartan III's. But, a new enemy has threatened to take planet Onyx, the breeding ground for these soldiers.Stranded, a team of Spartans known as Gamma Company, must find a way to escape from Onyx, and take the fight to this unknown enemy. Soon enough they discover an ancient secret, kept buried for untold millennia. As they search for clues to unravel the secrets of it, they will discover that come secrets, are better left hidden.

     Based off the bestselling novel "Ghosts Of Onyx" written by Eric Nylund, comes a machinima about a group of soldiers, fighting to save humanity from a threat bigger than anyone has ever known.

TBE Clan Movies and Dawn Productions Present to you...

"Gamma Company"

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