Saturday, 21 May 2011

New And Improved

     Well, after a discussion with TBE Clan Movies and my big team crew, we have all decided to remake "Artifact" Part One. We have decided this was best, because of many reasons. My main reason is because since my microphone broke, I have gotten new voice actors for Markus and Toby. So one episode that has one voice actor and the next having a different one doesn't really work. Another main reason is when I made Episode One, I wasn't prepared. I had junky editing software and I had to do all of the VA parts myself. Not only that but also I was a beginner at machinimating and the shoots weren't entirely organized. Some other smaller reasons are because I didn't think EP1 was all that good towards the end due to me skipping too much. I also want a better start on the script and everything. Last reason is because many promo sites such as won't accept it due to the black bars on the side and the not so great quality. So that must be fixed. So, I am remaking Part One. (yes it's in parts now, not episodes)
     Expect a different, better and improved "Artifact" once I get everything back on track.
     Yes, "Artifact" is still on hiatus due to me not being able to get a new sound card. I actually talked to someone and they said that it may be my motherboard, which is not good news. IF it is then I will not be able to restart "Artifact" until this fall or maybe later. I don't know. I will hopefully resolve this issue very soon.
     But I assure you, as soon as I acquire repairs on my P.O.S. computer "Artifact" will resume. In the meantime, visit BlackStarProductions (DawnProductions and TBEClanMovies shared channel on youtube.) The link is here on the blog. If you want to promote your machinima, that is the place to do it.
     That sums up everything for this update. I will speak to you all soon.

Just Bullets,

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