Monday, 20 June 2011

Lots Of Stuff To Say

     Well like the title states, I have much to talk about in this blog post, so I am getting straight to it. Let's start with what's going on with "Artifact". As you all know, I have been unable to work on the series due to my sound card frying. I bought a new sound card, but I found out that due to my computer's low grade production guidelines, there is no sound card. Everything is built right into the motherboard. I got another computer from a friend, but it has no hard drive and a somewhat bad motherboard (shuts itself off sometimes). I have not got it up and running yet. It may never work, i don't know. But I promise you that I will do all I can. If I don't get this working I won't be able to work on "Artifact" until at least next year.
     But don't think just because I can't work on "Artifact" that you won't see anything from me. I have a shared channel with TBE Clan Movies known as Black Star Creations. It will be where we will work on the shorts we have in mind. Which is what I am most exited to discuss.
     We have recently started filming a two-part short known as "Operation TORPEDO". I'm sure some of you big Halo fans out there know what it is. For those who don't know, it is based off the prolouge in the book "Ghosts of Onyx". Where about 300 Spartans take down a Covenant facility with 99.9% casulties. Only two made it out alive: Tom and Lucy, who are Spartan III's. This will tell the story of their "victory". We will have animations, armies, giant battles, and great, compelling characters.
     This is not the only short we have planned based off of big moments in Halo history, we have at least 3 others planned. (not going to spoil the surprise by giving out names) We intend to make a short series, and they will all be released on Black Star Creations' channel on Youtube. So keep a look out and subcribe to our new channel!
     I have recently seen quite a few machinimas lately such as "PROJECT Middleground", "The Olympia Chain", and "System Break" from the well known BlueNovaStudios. I am very impressed with the effort people are starting to put into machinimas now. A new light is being shed on machinimating, now that people are really starting to use programs such as, Adobe After Effects, Vegas, and other great editing software. I wish every one of them the best of luck, and hope to see great stuff from them soon.
     Now, as I have said many time before, "Artifact" is not dead. It will be re-born and stronger than ever. But, you will not be waiting for much longer...


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