Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Another Delay

     I am sorry guys, but my parents have taken my computer and I cannot get on for a week. I snuck on here to type this for you guys. Before it was taken, I was almost finished with capturing the footage. I still have work to do, but I will (hopfully) release it next week. I promise you guys, it will be worth the long wait. For those of you whose patience is running out on this, please remember that making a machinima is about as hard and time consuming as making a short film. It requires a lot of hard work and time to make it look to your liking. I have school work and family to worry about.  I should resume production next monday, it depends on what my parents have to say. I have some new voice actors that I am proud to have on here and I am sure that this will be the best one yet. Please understand that I do have a life and I do get grounded like everyone else lol.

Thanks for your patience
EP2 will be released soon


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