Monday, 4 April 2011

Episode Two Will Be Released Soon!

     The online shooting for Episode Two was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Everyone listened for the most part. Only had to redo parts a couple of times. Will start on capuring the footage soon. Had some problems with it today. My friend that helps me with the body acting was sick today, so I had to make due with what I had...myself. The body acting, both offline and online, is completed. I still have to film it, edit it, add special effects, add voice lines, and music. My capturing software just crashed on my computer. NEVER GET PINNACLE STUDIO!!!!! IT SUCKS!!! I am getting a new program now. I should start on the capturing late tonight or tomorrow, it depends on how long it takes for this to download. I may have to delay the release until this Thursday, or so. I have had so many setbacks on this already, so hopefully, my luck will change.
     As for the action short. We are currently working on the trailer. We probably won't release it until next week. We are both working on our own machinimas at the moment, and we all agreed our series' are more important than this short. So we must get our current episodes out of the way before we do this.
     The shooting for the short is this Saturday (or so we plan) and we have a whole lot of work to do before we finish it. So it probably will not be released until next month. Sorry, guys, but our first priority is our own machinimas. But rest assured, it will be worth the wait.
     Back to Artifact. Back when Dawn Productions had a website, I said that Episode Two will be fucked up in parts. Scratch that. I had to cut a lot of parts out to keep the realism and to keep the machinima under 15 minutes. But i promise you, it is a must see for any machinima fan. It is full of epic battles and a pretty good story. You will not be disappointed, i promise.
     So all, in all, I am nearly two days behind schedule. Everything may end up being delayed, and I am about to throw my computer out my window. But hey, that's what you have to go through for something you love.

I will keep you all posted when I get back on track.

Love And Bullets,


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