Tuesday, 19 April 2011

EP2 Will Be Out This Friday

     Before I begin, let me apologise for taking longer than expected with EP2. In this blog post, I will be explaining why it has been taking so long. I know some of you have been waiting for a while, and I was supposed to release it two weeks ago. There has been many things going on both within Dawn Productions, and my own life. Also, bear in mind that machinimating takes time. Much more than I first expected. EP2 is more complicated and intense than EP1, therefore I have to take more time to make it look better.
Here's the new poster for "Artifact"
     First reason why it has been taking so long is my capture software. When I first wanted to start machinimating, I purchased a red Dazzle DVC 100. It was a huge mistake. The cheap computer my parents acquired me has only 2 GB of RAM. Windows Vista takes more tan half of that. Since I only have a few MB of RAM left, my capturing software had horrible lag, fast-forwarded footage in result, and other big problems. Seeing this as an obsticle for EP2's completion, I halted production to set out and try and find any other capture software that is compatible with my Dazzle. (other than Studio 15). I found two. The first is Debut Capture Software. I will be using this to record my computer screen from now on. The other is Cyberlink Power Director. This great program is the awesome version of Pinnacle Studio. It captures my footage with no problem, whatsoever. (Though at the beginning of EP2, there will be some minor fast-forwarded footage due to me finding this when I was in the middle of capturing). And, since I have an old Dazzle, EP2 will not be in very good quality. I am hoping to purchase a new capture device soon.
     Another reason why EP2 is taking so long, is my computer. Like I said earlier, I have very little RAM once my computer boots up. Therefore, all the amazing programs I have on my computer tend to freeze when I pull up more than one at a time. So it slows down production badly. I will hopefully be able to upgrade my RAM soon.
     I am working with all new programs for EP2. With EP1, all I really used was Vegas 9, and Studio 11. Now I am working with After Effects CS4, Photoshop, Sony Pictures Sound Effects, Power Director, Blender, and many other big, professional programs. I am still getting used to them. Also I am adding fires and explosions from Action Essentials 2. Doing something like this requires a lot of time and compositing.
     On top of all this, I do have a life. I have a family, and schooling, and many things are going on within both. Therefore, I can't sit in front of a computer all day (as much as I wish I could).
     Since I've had all these problems, I am only about four minutes into EP2. I am starting to get back on my feet, and production is speeding up again. If things continue to go at this rate I will release EP2 this Friday at noon. I should confirm this in a day or two on my YouTube account.
     I know some of you are still wondering why I am so behind on this. Please take into your consideration that Dawn Productions is a one-man production crew. I must do everything. So please, be patient with me, and understand that this is difficult for one person to do.

Thank You,

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