Thursday, 21 April 2011

Very, Very Bad News...

     Well, this is officially this worst thing that has happened to me on this machinima. First, I accidently erased all my effects, composed music, and sound effects. Which I can re-download but will take quite a while. (26GB worth of stuff)
     But that's not the worse news. The worse news is the fact that I tripped on my headset's cable, and broke it. It is not fixable, and I don't have the money for another good quality headset. Therefore, I cannot do the voices for Markus and Toby. I have posted voice acting parts for them on a VA Forum, but it will most likely take a while for it to get some good auditions. So after EP2, I cannot continue the "Artifact" series until I get their parts filled. This could quite possibly take months.
      I hate this as much as you do. I will still try to release EP2 on Easter Sunday, but I must first wait for all my stuff to download again. Which is taking a very long time. If I have to postpone it again, I will let you know.
     I understand that all you have been hearing from me is bad news, but I cannot help it. I have no job to save for the things I need so I have to make due with what I have. And for the voices of Markus and Toby, I have nothing.
     Please understand I am trying my very best, to my extent, to get this back on track. Until then, 'Artifact" has been put on hiatus. I will be helping out TBE Clan Movies on their machinima "Valkyrie Team" during this time. So there will still be other machinimas by us.
     I am sorry for all this, you guys. I have had the worst luck with this series. I promise you guys that "Artifact" is not dead. It will return and stronger than ever. Think of this as a long download for an amazing upgrade. I will have more time to practice my skills with video editing and other things. I will keep you guys posted on everything.


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